Sunday, August 24, 2008

Little P Goes To LA

 Little P loves LA.  

  He loves Venice Beach. 

 He can tell you what sunset blvd looks like.  
  Tells me all the time how he's gonna live there when he grows up.

I mean he describes landmarks that only someone who's been to LA would know about. 

 There's only one thing....

Little P has never been to LA.

      One day I asked him how the hell he knew about Los Angeles like that.  He looked at me like I was a fool and was like "video games and youtube Al!"

 I felt extremely old.  

Its kinda crazy how a kid can recognize a place they've never been to or seen before from a video game,  in real life.   

 Like the actual place was built after the game.

Which brings me to the question

Does art imitate life or is it the other way around?

   I remember hanging out with my friend Chinky's son Nutty one time, driving in the car,  and Mr. Cee was on the radio with the old-school-at-noon thing.  EPMD's Get The Bozack comes on, and Nutty starts bugging, "ohshit yo, they just took DMX's beat like that?  Thats messed up!"

who knows. 

  Either way I was pretty amazed that T'shaka  knew soo much about the wessssyde.

Lil P is a skater, and he's dead serious about his skateboarding. 

 The boy is focused. (hmm  i wonder where he gets that from)

  I didn't believe him at first, I figured it was another phase, but he came thru with his skateboard one day and was busting kickflips and ollie manuals like it was nothing.   

So, when he caught wind that I was about to be going to LA and then Las Vegas to dj a party for my homies Crooks and Castles, he put his bid in!   (Lil P knows Uncle ALC is easy to pushover)

Funny 'cause I remember when I was his age , all I wanted to do was move to New York.   

Open off of breakdancing, grafitti on trains, and rap music. 

  So moms took me on a trip one time. 
  I remember telling my mom, " can we go to queens?".    All I knew was that it was the place Run DMC rapped about all the time.


I figured why not?    

A couple travel agent manuevers and the next thing you know, Lil P was on his way to the airport, skateboard in hand, on his way to LA, ready to tear it up!

Stay tuned.   Bout to post up some footage of me and Lil P TEARING UP the streets of VENICE on our skateboards.    

Oh , you didnt know i was nice??????

On another note, today is my brother's birthday.    Happy birthday  Boy Wonder!


Anonymous said...

amazing writing.

Anonymous said...

happy bady alc yo that CNN-follow a dollar is crazy

Anonymous said...

Please. . . write your next piece about why Prodigy stays on your mind 24/7 ?!!?!!!! .. .

Otherwise. . . Imma have to drop another essay on your flat azz !!!!!

Anonymous said...


whats with the homo ass e-thuggery? It doesnt take much to run your jib over the net..fuckouttahere..

Mr. 40. Watt said...

Dat's his folks lil' nigga...why da fuck U conscerned anyway? Ya'll internet wankstas never cease 2 amaze me how retarded ya'll are.

Anonymous said...

dudes below just bounce. prodigy is fam. how you gonna tell a men to not talk about his fam... better yet. if your fam was locked up would they not be on your mind 24/7? probly not cause you probly put them there. take the negativity elsewhere homie.

regardless... music can take people places. i went to cali-fly one time and felt like i'd been there before. all cause of music... that weatherman shit takes some places for real... born in la... ARE YOU FOR REAL??? shit relaced LA n****s for the all time LA anthem... yall to drop a remix with 'fari - the underground don

5AM Video said...

Hes the real skateboard P!!! Haaa.... Seen you guys at the magic convention. I wonder if Little P knows how much of an icon his father is?

Satori said...

Damn wish i was down in venice pickn up a piece or somthing when you were down there , woulda be sick running in to ya.

WET LEATHER Dont you understand your just wasting your time posting here? Your shit talking goes no where. Cept maybe your little circle jurk of homies. If there anyone who think about P to much its you cause all you do is bicker about him like a little bitch. ALC is good friends with him like fam there is no denying that and if one my fam or friends were in the pen i would be thinkn of them too.

Take your fake ass e-thugness some where else.

Anonymous said...

Just remember this fellaz:

At the end of the day - You will ALWAYS be WHITE !!!

You can hide from yourself and ignore that you wish you was with us.

But for real - like your idol prodigy said "YOU CAN NEVER FEEL MY PAIN"

Realize that it's OUR cultural roots that you try to adopt.

You dont understand that inside the penitentiary, niggaz DONT mix.

If Alan went inside, especially in Cali, and tried to talk with his "wigga" accent and roll wit da niggaz - well, lets just put it this way - his wish would come true and he would finally have BLACK INSIDE HIM !!!!!!

Niggaz stay adoptin whiteboys on some real shit.

And that goes for yall Asians too, going through a hip-hop phase before medical school, on some Harold and Kumar shit.

Anonymous said...

i like this blog a lot, alc is real

Anonymous said...

wet leather poppy is a loser. he's obviously upset with his own life and has insecurities about being his own ethnicity. that's why he has to come to places like this where people of all walks of life communicate and spew negativity to vent. what do you plan to accomplish by saying what you say? at most, you will convince Al to stop "acting black"? that's alot of time and energy wasted in my opinion. here's some advice, take that negative energy you have, and use it for something constructive...perhaps help your community or something.

Anonymous said...

Whooligans forever!

Peep a young Scott Caan and ALC back in the day.

Scotty was trippin, lol!

wilsonreps said...

yo i just really listened to "hold you down" straight through and I gotta say alch is a beast. yo who ended up rhyming over "its a craze"?

Anonymous said...

Alc I feel ur blog it aint like every blog out there posting the same thing the other one has U write how u feel and whats going down and how U see things. I hope P aight I got a nigga doing 4 in Lawrence, IL. I feel u on missing your people, and the way you look out for his seed real shit. I hope P come out going hard like he did goin in!