Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Live From Behind The Wall

                              Jail is foul. 
 Everything about it is designed to break your spirit.  

   I mean from the stink smells, to that ' frying electric chair' sound that the doors make when they open and close, to those funk looks on the CO's faces......... even little shit like the colors they use to paint the walls.   

  You know from the second you pull off the highway onto that long, secluded road in the middle of the straight up Ozark woods that this could never, ever, never be a place that any human would willingly choose to go to.  

   Midstate Correctional Facility is in upstate New York, about 4 hrs away from Manhattan.  So in order to get there with enough time to see the god we had to be on the road by 6 A.M. sunday morning. 
Mind you, 6 A.M. sunday morning is arguably still saturday night, depending on your grind level.

  So, when 5:30 arrived I found an open vein, intraveneously attached a Starbucks I.V. to my arm, and after a proper caffeine doping,  I was off..... 

 1st stop:  pickup  Pee's wife Kiki.   

         Kiki typed the adress into the robo navigator device and we hit the highway.

   Then we drove.......and drove.....more driving......trees....streams....driving more......a homemade beef jerky shack.....bigger trees.....more road.....The Erie Canal?  goddam they got my homey way out in the boondocks....... Im looking at the exit names........

Schenechtedy, Rome, Utica? 

  Im wondering if we're still in New York.  I don't even think those places are in America. 

      On the way there Pee's wife and I talked, of course my stupid ass had to roll one up (who smokes weed on the way to a jail?)  The regular asshole routine.    It wasn't until we saw the exit sign for the facility that it really hit me........Damn............ we weren't driving to a do a show, we weren't driving to Atlantic City to throw dice and bug out for the weekend. 

 Nope.  This was not a vacation.   We were going to visit P in jail. 
 But nevertheless, I wasn't down.   I hadn't seen Pee for a minute so I was hype. 

       We made a stop at the market for some canned vegetables that Pee wanted (you already know the food in there is straight dogshit) and about 20$ in quarters so we could take pictures.

  They got a little vending type machine you put quarters in, only takes quarters, and it gives you a voucher for a polaroid photo.  (more ridiculous, demeaning shit they do to try to break your spirit) Then you take the voucher to polaroid man (another inmate whose job it is to take pictures) and he pops a quick flick wherever you'd like in the visiting area. 

Later, when we took one of the pics, Pee put up his trademark two-fingers-together peace sign, and polaroid man waved it off.  Said something about 'you know I don't give a shit but you know how these dudes are in here.  They gonna think its a gang sign.'  jail.
       When we finally got to the end of the road to nowhere and pulled up to the place I was kinda surprised. 

 It wasn't what I expected.   I guess when I think of prison I think of big square, grey brick buildings.   

 The shit looked.....colonial, for lack of a better word. 

 It was old school!   Not Afrika Bambatta old school either.   I'm talking George Washington old school.   The only thing that made it look like a jail was those crazy looking barbed wires that surrounded every section of it.       

      Not that i'd know what a busy day was like, but the visitors center didn't seem too packed. 

 I didn't know there was a limit to the comissary ammount.  50$.  Thats it.  They ain't letting you stack chips in jail. 

  We filled Pee's to the max, and after filling out papers and going thru the whole search process,  we walked over to the visitors room, where two doofy, cartoon-looking, balding COs sitting behind a desk assigned us to an indoor table to sit and wait for "Johnson",  I guess Pee's new temporary name.    
  It was clear the the outer shell asthetic of Midstate Correctional Facilities was nothing but a 'colonial' throwoff, as the minute you step inside of one of the buildings you realize that, yes, this is very much a jail, and very much like how you envisioned the inside of one of those big brick, square, grey buildings that you always thought jail would look like would be.  


 Huge electric sliding metal doors.  Cameras.   Shitty bricks.  Corroding steel.  Loud asshole voices.   Jail.   

      The room was pretty big,  had about 40 visiting tables,  most of them filled with people on visits.   On the side was a bunch of vending machines, the polaroid voucher machine, and a microwave,  so if you want, you can sit up and have a nice cup of soup or a microwavable buffalo burger with your peeps.  Box lunch, kid.   

   They got a black line on the floor that indicates the area where the inmate can walk.   They must stay within that line.  The vending machines are beyond the line.  So the inmate can walk up to the vending machine, look at it, say what they want, but someone else has to get it for them. (any chance the get to fuck with you in there they do).    

   A steel door slid open, and Pee rolled in, unaccompanied... with the H.N.I.C. bop, maroon shirt with the state greens, and a pair of all black rebooks like just another day holding it down as usual.  

He rolls up to the dickhead desk and waits for them to point him to our table.
Now one of the dickheads barks at him.  Tells him to step back until he calls him to the desk.  Pee steps back, and 2 seconds later he calls him up.   

 Im thinking, 'that man is a dick.'   But I guess I keep forgetting that its jail. 

   Pee reminds me that they dont have to be corteous to you.  Theres nobody you can complain to for poor customer service.   Not all of them are dicks tho, he says.  A couple are cool. 

  But still all the little demeaning bullshit they try to do in there doesn't seem to be affecting Pee.   Shit, it made me feel like things weren't really that bad.

  But he's a motivator like that, just by him being himself, leading by example.  Thats just how he is.    

   We sat and talked for a while about everything.  we talked music.   He told me he was proud of me for the Lil Wayne joint, and that he was actually building with Weezy alot right before he went in, which I had no idea.

  I told him about the video I made for our record "Key To The City", where his son plays him.   How Lil Pee Killed it!  How I got on my "Pee shit" and just grabbed a camera and shot the shit myself, edited it myself, everything.  Renegade style.    I was all hype trying to describe to him how it looks.  I know he'd like it.    I wanted to just bust out my iphone and play it for him, damn.  Or just to show him the new iphone even.    "Its allgood", Pee said.    "Just drop that album, thun!"     

   I told Pee that the illuminati video is crazy (goodshit Broadway), and we discussed ways to keep the HNIC 2 album popping.  Tours, remixes, collaborations, promo etc. 

 Even in that dirty ass visitor's room we were able to sit and build creatively, and for a second, as we were coming up with ideas, it felt just like we were back sitting in the lab.  

  We came up with some crazy ideas! 

  Id rather not spill the beans now, but lets just say that we're up to some things............uh..  music related things..   (this doesn't mean were planning some great escape from prison, but yes, that would be the shit)

   Of course Pee has been reading and writing.  Not just writing rhymes either.  Books, movies, etc.  His health is good, and as you can see in the flick, the god had gained some pounds. 

  I let him know that his internet presence is still heavy thru the blogs and hnic2.com. .......

Oh yea, for those that were confused or in thug dreamland, no there is no computer room in prison, and no, you cannot go online in jail.  

 He did let me know that he does read all the mail that comes to him from fans,  and every so often he writes back.  So if you got love for Pee write him. 

 DIN #08A1481 10-2
 PO BOX 2500
 MARCY, NY 13403

   As far as him coming home,  it's looking like Pee will do just another year.  Its hard to believe, but he's already been in for six months.  He probably wouldn't say the same, but it seems like it's moving fast. 
  I gave him some time with the wifey and ate some Doritos off to the side for a while, just bugging on the whole predicament of the human cage that they got my friend and many other peoples friends in.   Shit is wack.    But I must say, its not affecting him.   Pee is pushing thru his bid like a G.   

  We stayed until they kicked us out, around 3 pm.   I asked him where he was at in the writing of his autobiography, he said he was almost done.  The last thing i told him when i left was, "don't finish it, save some room for when u come home!  The story ain't over!"  

  Here's a little unreleased old Alc/Prodigy treat.  Its only right.    FREE P



Mantas said...

WOW! Alchemist blog. That is a freakin dope idea and I hope u're writing as regularly as possible. Btw, the video is fantastic! Can't wait for the album...

Free P!

Hello Kitty Junkie said...
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BLuHaZe said...

good shit Al. im'a have to bookmark your page.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear P is doing alright in there. I had my ups and downs with him as a fan before he went in, but the man is still a living legend, and a true pioneer of hip hop. I got to see all u guys in Manchester, England and u tore it down.

Surely him and Hav gotta drop somethin huge when he gets out, and it should be purely produced by u Al! That would be incredible.

Anyway u should be a writer Al that was an epic story!! Many props for all your work musically and otherwise.

LEX said...

Dope read man. P definitely looks like he's packed on a couple pounds in there. Glad to hear he's in good health and spirits. & you're the man for the unreleased MP3! Looking forward to what the future holds for Mobb fans.


Apollo said...

Good idea to have a blog Alc. Good read and its a pleasure to hear P's doing good. Cant wait for yall to hit the streets again when he get out.


Napps126 said...

you have officially been added to my reader lol

Good looks my dude
my dude is about to probably get like 24 yrs
Shit crazy
Tell "P" to hold his head

Eugene said...

Love to AL & P....

bent said...

really dope read, keep us posted!

dizastix said...

this is an ill write up. thanks for takin the time to give somethin back to the fans. you should start bloggin regularly for real.



Anonymous said...



Trackstar the DJ said...

solid blog.

good of you to go see your friend...i know he appreciated it.

Jockmaster Bob said...

no disrespect but for real, it sounds like you keep forgetting that Albert is a human being who bleeds and shits just like the rest of us - throughout this little essay, it clearly comes across like you highbeam that nigga 24/7 to try and absorb his aura and develop your own personality off the duracell strength he hand you - well, stay tough with the music- but be yourself - sometimes it seems like you actin like you the son of P - - dont take that type of submissive role in life - be aware of his weaknesses just as much as you worship his strengths - AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - STOP LUSTING AFTER K !!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Any chance you can repost the song? The link is down

Anonymous said...

Good read Al. You shuld use zshare.net instead of yousendit for uploading songs, that way they don't expire (yousendit has a 25-download limit)

Noetik said...

Yo word up this is official you got a blog. I remember when I met you and P at a hotel in my hometown of Pittsburgh,PA & took some flicks before the massacre tour show. I'll be writing P soon to just build with him for sure. Man your description of what went down was so vivid & clear it was just like a scene out of a movie.

Peace! & Stay Up

Anonymous said...

1st FREE P , WE NEED U BACK TO DESTROY THE ROC !!!! JAY LIP SINGIN ON FRED's THE LIFE REMIX .. When he said " Mr Officer .. Mr Officer Why u Trynna Put us in the Coffin'cer " that was Fred' verses 3 mounths ago on THE LIFE remix !! Now Jay z took the exactly same shit on his new song jockin jay z ... ain't no body want to jock ur old camel ass .. niggaz being doin' it big ..


Anonymous said...

P is gettin beefy! A good look for him =)

Anonymous said...

damn good read.
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

we need that song back

Anonymous said...

need a new link 2 that song

Syrenn said...

What it is Alc? Glad to hear P is doing well...much love

check me out

Bun Johnson said...

We all got niggaz hurtiing behind them walls. Wish P the best and just comes out a even better man and artists. God wouldn't give us nothing we couldn't handle.

Satori said...

Good shit ALC , thanks for the good read. Glad P is doing good and keeping his head up. Where can i pickup one of those Save P shirts?

Also if you get a quick min or someone else thats reading the blog can you re-up the mp3 its at its max download. =(

Anonymous said...

Shout out Alchemist. Hav said it best you find out who your true people when you upstate bleeding. Keep holding P down the way Mobb Deep held me down while i bidded back and forth between 1994 and 2007

Elijah said...


Anonymous said...

I have always been a fan of Alc's music, but this shit is pathetic.....
Alc? U act and think like u neva been arounb real bad dudes before.....P was spittin crazy shit all his life and neva even seen jail...TIme for Karma to get his lil big mouth ass for all that shit he be talkin.....U been in the rap game for such a long time, how come jail fazed u? Next time u wanna spit some bullshit about killin remember that shit.....And what's with that PEE shit all the time, like he' s a GOD or somethin.....He a lil dude who finally couldn' t run away from the shit he be talkin...His last two years in rhymes are tragic..He don't even rhyme anymore...Het got exposed long time ago.....Don't u know that HAV's relatives were the onez WHO WERE GANGZTA...I don't live in the states and i know that....I am not american and i have been to jail in AMERICA....What the fuck ALC...All that gangzta muzaek and u sound like u gonna PEE in your pants.....All u guyz should be making pop recordz, cause whan it popz u all go POP and dissapear! I am sorry alc, your beats are gettin weak too, i don't know why....I guess it's because all u guyz in the industry eventually like to be surrounded only by YES MAN! Too bad.....Props to PEE, but he is not in GENERAL POP right....And just in case he tries to give us that THEY MADE ME GO TO PC shit, tell that to the birdz...He can sign a paper and stil go to GENERAL POP!
That is why MAKAVELI WAZ AND IZ DA GREATEST and that lil PEE is SHOOK to death...I guess u cannot escape your lyrix PEE....KARMA IZ A BITCH when you talk shit and in the end u do realize it....So pee i wish u to go out earlier, cause that shit is not for you....Stop singin all that GOOFY shit and shut the fuck up before you disgrace yourself even further...ALc u were an idol to me behind the boards, but in life u seem to be just another whigga sho lost his way to college mAUHAHAHAHAHa! I love your music but i don't bump it anymore, cause to me HIP HOP IS SUPPOSED TO BE REAL.....Everybody knows now how fake most of the industry iz....Forgive me for being so rude, but it's time for all the goofz to shut the fuck up for a minute....Smoke ya shit, do ya beatz and be quiet! And when PEE comez out, get him some golfing equipment and leave him be with his wife..He should be having kids and drinkin icedteaz on the porch in lil big wherever somewhere....Good luck! ....BS

TeGo said...

^go chew on a couple stairs b..

Anonymous said...

The scenario is that we have a white male from an affluent family in Beverly HIlls who thinks that his lyrics on the song "Different Worlds" will give him a pass.

Most whites idolize American blacks, and will do anything in their power to adopt their swagger.

Whether its a "wigger" tryin to walk with a bop and make certain hand gestures when they talk..

Or even a barbie doll blond who tries to 'drop it like its hot' and smack her ass on the dance floor.

Back to the point, as it was in the beginning - The BLACK MAN is life and through Albert Johnson, the "alchemist" as received the gift of life. Before this acceptance by Mobb Deep, he was a struggling beat-maker who felt his life was bland, and lived mostly in his mental fantasies of being a part of the street life, considering that it was the direct opposite of his upbringing (just like niggaz in the hoood fantasize about gettin money)

Alan Maman soon spent time around Prodigy who was his "initiation" into the fringes of the Black experience, and subconciously absorbed the body language and general rhythm of his new "soulful" buddy.

This is why certain white girls' voices change up after they been ran through by several brothas...

Interlude: Remember how Scott Storch was originally a humble pothead keyboard player for the Roots and all of a sudden he's looking like an albino wax statue of Diddy..

Back to the show in progress: Of course Alan is going to canonize Albert - after all, Prodigy is the one who truly put the batteries in the Alchemist back.

In other words, the longer Alan goes without seeing Albert, he begins to feel his "whiteness" coming on strong, and secretly craves contact with a BLACK MAN to give him light.

Satori said...

Wet leather......Keep on hating because you will never be on ALC or P's level. When you coming up there always some one trying to hold ya down.

Anonymous said...

Real Recognizes real..veery few cats nowadays have that type of loyalty to visit famed locked up. Props to Alc money.
-Kool Sphere from Verbal Threat-

Anonymous said...

The link dosent work anymore! :(

Keep it up ALC

Mark McKay said...

Awesome post! I've been killing HNIC2. Bought the CD and DVD. Crazy that Pee got gaffled the way he did. This bid won't do anything to slow down his reign.

wilsonreps said...

alc can you resend that link again plz.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is hating on Al needs to shut the fuck up. Most of the people talking shit have not accomplished anything in life and are criticizing someone who actually has. Don't hate the man because he is white or not gangster enough, just recognize that he is better than you when it comes to hip-hop music. Also, don expect for people to respect you when you have no respect towards others. Like P said, there are two types of people and either your positive or negative. Peace.

Satori said...

Aint no body strong enough to hold ya down!

simplified said...

Yo i'm really glad that you're writing a blog about P in lock up Alc,don't stop it was a good read to know how P's doing in there,stayin up as usual.

Dylan1031 said...

ey alc, that lose your life joints is one of the best ive heard from you, and btw that domo genesis no idols mixtape was DA BOMB. Every track...just sinister. I don't know if you'll ever get this comment or if you still use blogger anymore, but I was wondering if you do read this, if you'd check out my beats - ive been making beats for 5 years and im currently studying jazz music performance at the University of California Irvine, while minoring in business and producing/slanging beats on the side. I know you're probably busy making sick beats, but If you could give me some pointers it would be much appreciated