Tuesday, November 4, 2008


New steaming hot dog poop!   

Fresh off the Layover EP.

I made the track with Ev in mind one night.

Just bugging, experimenting in the lab, trying to make a beat out of little bits and scraps.  

It was sounding like mad noise till I got busy with the bassline.

I had my face fixed like i was smelling fresh steaming hot dogshit while i was finding the notes.


Once i had a decent sequence, I found a quick pocket, penned my shit super fast,  and layed my verse.  

I emailed it to Ev the next morning.

That evening him and Fash were already in the lab adding on.

Ev sent a reference of  Fash vox, and my facial reaction was similar to the reaction one would get from seeing a hungry lion tear apart a unsuspecting reindeer on the discovery channel. 

(be on the lookout for Fashawn, he's one of the next dudes)

Ev came up with the idea to flip the cards for the video, 
kinda like that old INXS video or the classic Bob Dylan shit. 

Good idea  Ev.

The Layover EP is in stores November 25th.

cop and go, cop and go! 


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I love it how you put the Hulk Hogan prank call bits in there. Song and video is killa.

Anonymous said...

Edward Norton in American History X !!!!!!!