Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There's nothing better in life than when you get an idea, a mere thought in your brain, and you are able to one day manifest that thought into something living and tangible that can be heard, seen, smelled, tasted or touched.

Such is the case with this video.

This was to be my first video off my new album.

I knew I wanted to do something that wasn't obvious.

What wouldve been worse than a regular bozo rap video, with boats 'n hoes, me iced out in the background trying to make the type of aggressive hip hop arm movements that shout, " I KNOW IM NOT RAPPING, BUT THIS IS MY VIDEO. AND IM THE MAN."

(if you make those videos, please stop. now.)

And being that the record was so gangster, i didn't wanna take it litterally either, and have to be actually 'taking peoples lives' in a video.

I was overseas one time years back doing some shows with Havoc and P, and I remember looking out at a packed crowd one night thinking, 'goddam look at all these rap zombies'!

I dunno why.

 They just all had their hands up, and the collaborative sound their off-pitch, accented mumbling made them sound and look like a bunch of fiending hip hop ghouls.

Dont ask.

Anyway the thought always stuck with me.

For years I had been wanting to do something involving animation, but could never find the right person to collaborate with.

Until my homey Emz told me about a legendary west coast graphitti artist/ personal friend of his by the name of Devin Flynn (or Relm KSN for u LA graph vets) who happened to be living in NY, and now had his own animated show that I might be interested in checking out, with the possibility that he could do the video.

He directed me to a site, told me to search for his show called "Yall So Stupid".

I then proceeded to watch every episode over and over for probably 3 hours straight.


Greatest shit i'd seen in a while.

( I know thats not very descriptive, I don't wanna find a bunch of colorful adjectives to describe his show and fuck it all up, just go watch it.)

I wondered to myself how the fuck this dude wasn't already a zillionaire and his show wasn't already on MTV or Adult Swim or something of that status.

Emz connected us, and after getting all my starstruck moments and reciting-of-favorite-show-quotes out of the way I thru him my scattered zombie visions, mixed with a little Dr. Dre The Formula/ Frankenstein ideas, and we were off.

I knew we were on to something when i saw the first sketches, but the end result is more than I could have ever expected.

Shout out to Devin Flynn!


Oh yea, this is for THE ALCHEMIST COOKBOOK EP,

and I do believe ITS ON ITUNES FOR SALE NOW!

Support your local rap dude.

Otherwise ima start making snap rap disco beats


A lot of good things have happened to me over the course of my existance

and i don't wanna discredit those awesome memories

but the way i'm feeling right now I would have to say that this is the greatest day of my life.



dizastix said...

the video (and track) is dope. "advanced dungeons and gangsters" had me lmao. keep doin ya thing fam.

Hell Yup! said...

1 question bro,
MPC? i mean i know u switched but what tech wise makes the ALC is YEARS on the ASR and a cpl... on the mp...
Just nerding it
grow and prosper mah dood...
uno milli

BLuHaZe said...

dope ass video Al! its great to see something different. and the EP is crazy.

Anonymous said...

dope shit al, much success and safe travels. much love from hilo hawai'i.

Anonymous said...

this is one of the most creative videos i've seen in a while...good shit alc!!!!

Anonymous said...

dope vid.. feelin it..

btw you should do a post with some of ur samples.. have u ever revealed The Forest break? thats gotta be in my top 5 samples of all time.. even if you dont name it can u put up a snippet of the original for us to hear!!


Anonymous said...

ya that was dope

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

yoooooooooooo man.... the sound efx over top of the track... so fuckin dope... i watched that shit with my face like an inch away from the screen... the bones men drinkin brew... how do you explain the thought process right there? the fuckin octopus dude with the robotic arms... makes no sense but everything flows so seamlessly... the dice flipping into the cell... it reminds me of those old sesame street vids with the pin balls. i'd pay to see that in a movie theatre fresh quality with the beat thumpin... creative fiends beware

Anonymous said...

Yo Alc update the damn blog man! More old school Alc pictures and stories.

Keep doin your thing you´re one of the best.

wilsonreps said...

what happened to the updates dude. what are you working on these days?

Mr Clean said...

Man what can say, i love the track and i love the clip, i love that horror shit mate.

This trak got me feelin mad grimey, Is it true u commin to Australia with OHNO, u a legend son it would be crazy to see ya face.

My boy is puttin on the gig, and he told me last nite at the dj revolution u mite be commin and i flipped!

peace mate, get at me on my email andysach@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

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Seven said...

Yo This Video Is So Dope Fam It Reminds Me Of That Show Super Jail On Adult Swim.

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Ominous Red said...

I was just checking in to see if there were any updates...

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Riley said...

sorry i couldn't find another way to ask this and google wasn't helping me out at all. who was sampled on the track 'in a dream'. it's driving me crazy.

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