Tuesday, September 16, 2008

you don't know what goes on above 72nd street!

I was having a fucked up day until I saw this. 
I don't know who these dudes are or what the hell they're talking about.

But it's great.

You tube is great.  

Just great .

         >>>>>>>>>>>>this just in<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
         >>>>>>>>>>>This just in<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Getting ready to drop the first official nuclear warhead this week:   
                           "LOSE YOUR LIFE"
The Alchemist Feat. Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg, and Pusha T 




Toby B. Free said...

Alc, thanks for the updates. I check your blog on the regular. I've been waiting for Chemical Warfare for a while man, happy it's getting closer to being released. That track you did for Term's album, you spit on it or just produce?

Anonymous said...

Chemical Warfare!

dizastix said...

They're "The Real", they do hip-hop skits and they're hilarious. http://www.itsthereal.com. Best part is "aka 7 friends on myspace steven!" hahaha.

...kiss, snoop and pusha on an alchemist track. drop that!

keep bloggin. peace.

Anonymous said...

Get the "ironic" Williamsburg humor the fuck outta hip-hop !!!!

Clown-azz bitches.

Never mock what you aint part of.

I would rather watch a video of a "wigga" tryin to act hard than these cornball art students.

Damn Alc - you should know for your own 'black files' that real niggaz dont sponsor this kind of behavior.

Be hard or get out the bedroom !!!!

N/A said...

We brought our black friend :)

Unknown said...

Shit was hilarious

yo on youtube


I'm listening to my radio derrick


Take it to the next level

all by "balloon shop" shit is hilariousssss