Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There's nothing better in life than when you get an idea, a mere thought in your brain, and you are able to one day manifest that thought into something living and tangible that can be heard, seen, smelled, tasted or touched.

Such is the case with this video.

This was to be my first video off my new album.

I knew I wanted to do something that wasn't obvious.

What wouldve been worse than a regular bozo rap video, with boats 'n hoes, me iced out in the background trying to make the type of aggressive hip hop arm movements that shout, " I KNOW IM NOT RAPPING, BUT THIS IS MY VIDEO. AND IM THE MAN."

(if you make those videos, please stop. now.)

And being that the record was so gangster, i didn't wanna take it litterally either, and have to be actually 'taking peoples lives' in a video.

I was overseas one time years back doing some shows with Havoc and P, and I remember looking out at a packed crowd one night thinking, 'goddam look at all these rap zombies'!

I dunno why.

 They just all had their hands up, and the collaborative sound their off-pitch, accented mumbling made them sound and look like a bunch of fiending hip hop ghouls.

Dont ask.

Anyway the thought always stuck with me.

For years I had been wanting to do something involving animation, but could never find the right person to collaborate with.

Until my homey Emz told me about a legendary west coast graphitti artist/ personal friend of his by the name of Devin Flynn (or Relm KSN for u LA graph vets) who happened to be living in NY, and now had his own animated show that I might be interested in checking out, with the possibility that he could do the video.

He directed me to a site, told me to search for his show called "Yall So Stupid".

I then proceeded to watch every episode over and over for probably 3 hours straight.


Greatest shit i'd seen in a while.

( I know thats not very descriptive, I don't wanna find a bunch of colorful adjectives to describe his show and fuck it all up, just go watch it.)

I wondered to myself how the fuck this dude wasn't already a zillionaire and his show wasn't already on MTV or Adult Swim or something of that status.

Emz connected us, and after getting all my starstruck moments and reciting-of-favorite-show-quotes out of the way I thru him my scattered zombie visions, mixed with a little Dr. Dre The Formula/ Frankenstein ideas, and we were off.

I knew we were on to something when i saw the first sketches, but the end result is more than I could have ever expected.

Shout out to Devin Flynn!


Oh yea, this is for THE ALCHEMIST COOKBOOK EP,

and I do believe ITS ON ITUNES FOR SALE NOW!

Support your local rap dude.

Otherwise ima start making snap rap disco beats


A lot of good things have happened to me over the course of my existance

and i don't wanna discredit those awesome memories

but the way i'm feeling right now I would have to say that this is the greatest day of my life.


Friday, November 14, 2008



Tuesday, November 11, 2008



This is my favorite shit right now.    

Another classico off the Layover  EP.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


New steaming hot dog poop!   

Fresh off the Layover EP.

I made the track with Ev in mind one night.

Just bugging, experimenting in the lab, trying to make a beat out of little bits and scraps.  

It was sounding like mad noise till I got busy with the bassline.

I had my face fixed like i was smelling fresh steaming hot dogshit while i was finding the notes.


Once i had a decent sequence, I found a quick pocket, penned my shit super fast,  and layed my verse.  

I emailed it to Ev the next morning.

That evening him and Fash were already in the lab adding on.

Ev sent a reference of  Fash vox, and my facial reaction was similar to the reaction one would get from seeing a hungry lion tear apart a unsuspecting reindeer on the discovery channel. 

(be on the lookout for Fashawn, he's one of the next dudes)

Ev came up with the idea to flip the cards for the video, 
kinda like that old INXS video or the classic Bob Dylan shit. 

Good idea  Ev.

The Layover EP is in stores November 25th.

cop and go, cop and go! 

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Okay here's the scenario:

Salt Lake City Utah

Halloween Night

Red + Meth / Ev + Alc / Termanology Tour 

I'm Dj'ing the afterparty,  which happened to be filled with awesome trasheous whores.

Hulk Hogan is drunk.

He also lost his wallet.

We announced it over the mic that if anyone found the Hulksters wallet to please return it to the dj booth.

No luck.

At the end of the night he returned, gave me a pound, said I killed it, and the decided that the only thing that would make him feel better was if we battled.

So I had to serve him.

With my poster in the background.

It was nothing.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Producer Extraordinaire The Alchemist Set To Re-Emerge With

Long-Awaited New Music

Brand-New Digital EP, The Alchemist's Cookbook Available

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

All star line up and west coast Still High Tour not to be missed – New album Chemical Warfare coming February 2009

(October 31, 2008-New York, NY) KOCH Records is thrilled to announce the long-awaited musical return of producer extraordinaire, The Alchemist. A new Digital EP, The Alchemist's Cookbook is set to be released on iTunes on November 18th 2008. As one of today's most in-demand hip-hop producers, The Alchemist has finally re-emerged with 6 new tracks to give fans a sneak-peek into what he has in store on his forthcoming full length album Chemical Warfare due out February 2009 The forthcoming new album will be the long-awaited follow-up to 1st Infantry.

The Alchemist's Cookbook features new collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss and Styles P of the LOX, Pusha T of the Clipse, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Nina Sky, Capone N Noreaga (CNN), Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Blu and Keak Da Sneak.

Alchemist is still doing what he has always done for the hip-hop scene--transmitting sounds and samples into moments, beats into classics in a way that has established his name as one of the most revered producers in hip-hop. The single "Lose Your Life" featuring Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss and Pusha T has spread like wildfire over the internet as the demand from Al's fans increases. Come November 18th, the wait is over!

Track-listing for The Alchemist's Cookbook Is As Follows:

1. Lose Your Life feat. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss, Pusha T

2. Key To The City feat. Prodigy and Nina Sky

3. Follow The Dollar feat. CNN (Capone N Noreaga)

4. Calmly Smoke feat. Styles P and Evidence

5. Therapy feat. Blu, Evidence, and Kid Cudi

6. Al Capone Zone feat. Prodigy and Keak Da Sneak

Catch up with Al's "Still High" Tour - wraps up next month. Alchemist is with Evidence opening up for Method Man and Redman in the following cities:

Oct 31 - Murray Theatre Salt Lake City, Utah

Nov 2 - Sportsplex Bellingham, Washington

Nov 4 - Roseland Portland, Oregon

Nov 5 - Humbolt St. Arcata, California

Nov 7 - Grand Ballroom San Francisco, California

Nov 8 - The Catalyst Santa Cruz, California

Nov 9 - Phoenix Theater Petaluma, California

Nov 11 - House Of Blues Los Angeles, California

To check out live footage of the tour go to www.alchemistbeats.com

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Redman and Method man have fucked up.

They have  actually found the two dudes who smoke more weed than they do to open up for them.

The promoters booked us as the opening act for the Still High tour.

They think we are going to come out and rap.


This has absolutely nothing to do with rap.  

Be clear people.

THIS IS A WEED-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

A no holds barred, bong smashing, blunt exploding cheeba slugfest.

The weed OLYPICS.

Now, see, we practice every sport.   

But when it comes to the Bong we are, humbly,  untouchable.

 So as a tribute to Cypress Hill's classic smoking utencil anthem, and as part of a cd put together by Mick Boogie for VH1's 2008 Hip Hop Honors Event, Ev and I have recreated a classic for your previewing pleasure.

(Click on the name below and download)

Also,  congradulations to my big homeys Cypress for recieving the 08 honors.  

I rolled with them to the event and we just kicked it the whole week between press and meetings, as much as we could. 

the event was dope. 

Julio G the OG was in the architechture, and so was the one and only King Emz, looking like an extra from off the set of Locked Stocked and Two Smoking Barrels.

It was like nothing had changed.

Real family.

It was so good to see all of them together in New York.   

Shit was giving me flashbacks of when I first moved here and Cypress would come out for a show.    I was always the little homey on the sideline.   

I used to feed off that energy of not being known, but being so close to it that you could damn near touch it. 

We all came a long way. 

True, in many ways i'm not just the little homey on the sideline anymore.

But I still kept thinking about how much more I have to go. 

Shit, at least until i'm worthy to be up on a stage getting honored !

Here goes a little clip of us backstage after they got the award.

(I filmed it with some free shit I downloaded into the iphone so pardon the quality)  

Make sure you come out to the Olympics if your in the area!

Oct 27 -  First Ave                Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Oct 29 -   Ogden,  Denver     Colorado
Oct 31 -   Murray Theatre    Salt Lake City, Utah 
Nov 2 -    Sportsplex             Bellingham, Washington
Nov 4 -    Roseland                Portland, Oregon
Nov 5 -    Humbolt St.           Arcata, California
Nov 7 -  Grand Ballroom      San Francisco, California
Nov 8 -  The Catalyst            Santa Cruz, California
Nov 9 -  Phoenix Theater     Petaluma, California
Nov 11 -  House Of Blues      Los Angeles, California