Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Redman and Method man have fucked up.

They have  actually found the two dudes who smoke more weed than they do to open up for them.

The promoters booked us as the opening act for the Still High tour.

They think we are going to come out and rap.


This has absolutely nothing to do with rap.  

Be clear people.

THIS IS A WEED-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

A no holds barred, bong smashing, blunt exploding cheeba slugfest.

The weed OLYPICS.

Now, see, we practice every sport.   

But when it comes to the Bong we are, humbly,  untouchable.

 So as a tribute to Cypress Hill's classic smoking utencil anthem, and as part of a cd put together by Mick Boogie for VH1's 2008 Hip Hop Honors Event, Ev and I have recreated a classic for your previewing pleasure.

(Click on the name below and download)

Also,  congradulations to my big homeys Cypress for recieving the 08 honors.  

I rolled with them to the event and we just kicked it the whole week between press and meetings, as much as we could. 

the event was dope. 

Julio G the OG was in the architechture, and so was the one and only King Emz, looking like an extra from off the set of Locked Stocked and Two Smoking Barrels.

It was like nothing had changed.

Real family.

It was so good to see all of them together in New York.   

Shit was giving me flashbacks of when I first moved here and Cypress would come out for a show.    I was always the little homey on the sideline.   

I used to feed off that energy of not being known, but being so close to it that you could damn near touch it. 

We all came a long way. 

True, in many ways i'm not just the little homey on the sideline anymore.

But I still kept thinking about how much more I have to go. 

Shit, at least until i'm worthy to be up on a stage getting honored !

Here goes a little clip of us backstage after they got the award.

(I filmed it with some free shit I downloaded into the iphone so pardon the quality)  

Make sure you come out to the Olympics if your in the area!

Oct 27 -  First Ave                Minneapolis, Minnesota 
Oct 29 -   Ogden,  Denver     Colorado
Oct 31 -   Murray Theatre    Salt Lake City, Utah 
Nov 2 -    Sportsplex             Bellingham, Washington
Nov 4 -    Roseland                Portland, Oregon
Nov 5 -    Humbolt St.           Arcata, California
Nov 7 -  Grand Ballroom      San Francisco, California
Nov 8 -  The Catalyst            Santa Cruz, California
Nov 9 -  Phoenix Theater     Petaluma, California
Nov 11 -  House Of Blues      Los Angeles, California


Anonymous said...

Mr. Alc - the link you posted ain't working - you have a "http" too many before the link - if you remove that, it should work. Big ups from Denmark, dope blog..

TeGo said...

inhaaaalllleeeeee.. exhaaalllleeeeee.. lmao.. word @ that step bros album in 2009!!!.. @ the dude above me.. the link was workin just fine for me.. lol

DESTROY said...

LOL @ ya'll rappin like b'real.. came in handy for my morning session w/ Al Green.

Anonymous said...

check out ALC's new track with Mack Maine from Young Money (Lil Wayne's label) at http://soulassassins.com/?p=3781

Unknown said...

what app for the iphone is that video recorder called?

Anonymous said...

Peace ALC

DJ GEEDUBZ said...

That's a fuckin' weeeeeeeeed tour..
When ya gonna burn some buds around Switzerland???
Here is the most powerfull weeds ever..and ya know that!!!
Do ever try the Alpin Rocket???

simplified said...

What's up Alchemist how's P doin

Anonymous said...

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